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Glitter Witches Web Halloween Shirt

#DIYBoutiqueFashions Do it yourself personalized Halloween Shirt

Witches silhouette iron on machine embroidered applique, Halloween outfit, personalized outfit
Cute Halloween shirt you can do yourself.
This shirt I made for one of my models and I was a little hesitant on personalizing with the fabric paint but I think it turned out really cute. The freezer paper template makes it really easy to personalize a garment. I can't wait to see it on the model! I'll be sure to share when I get the photos back. 
I did this shirt using a blank white shirt I got from Wal-mart ,our Witches silhouette iron on fabric machine embroidered applique, iron on rhinestones, fabric paint, and a freezer paper template.
There are many "how to" tutorials on the Pinterest and the web on how to use the freezer paper to make a template. I love that you don't have to have any fancy equipment to create one but if you do have a crafting or scrapbook cutter like Cricut or Cameo  it makes things a little faster. Otherwise, you can simply use an Exacto knife that is all of 3 dollars at Wal-mart. 
Once the stencil is cut you press the freezer paper on the garment with a hot iron and paint over the template. It gives you crisp lines without having to be a steady hand with the paint. LOVE IT!
I did the paint first then once it was dried and I removed the stencil. Then I ironed on the fabric applique. I let everything cool and laid out the rhinestones with a pair of tweezers and pressed again with my household iron. Once I had everything ironed on the front I turned the shirt inside out and repressed the whole shirt to make sure that the fabric applique and the rhinestones got a good adhesion to the shirt. I let that cool and Tada! You have a finished ready to wear Holloween shirt!
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